Sunday, June 14, 2009

"Annie" Swap between sisters

My sister joined an Annie Swap hosted by Aunt Pitty Pat (Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun) , and I thought it sounded like fun, so I joined, too. Coincidentally, we got each other as swap partners! Aunt Pitty Pat emailed us the pattern to follow for the swap, which is basically the doll body - the rest was up to us! I made a French-themed doll for my sister, Kelly, because I had this fabric with the Eiffel Tower on it that I'd been dying to use. I guess the one I made is not a "true" Annie doll, as she doesn't have an "Annie face". But, I love how her face came out - the eyes look just like my sister's eyes! The little pink poodle is a yarn dog that my Grandmother taught us how to make when we were little girls. My sister made a Halloween-themed Annie for me, a witch complete with a broom and a little black cat. I just LOVE her - my sister knows I love Halloween, and the funny thing is, when I showed the doll to our Mom, our Mom said the doll looks like me!! Now that she mentioned it, I think so, too!
Here they are... Annabelle with Fifi, and Ann-Hilda with Midnight.

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  1. OH no how in the world did that happen. You girls should have told me you ended up as partners :) I could have changed it!! Oh well at least I know you had a great time of it :)
    Thank you for joining in on the fun :) I love both of the Annies they are wonderful and fun.